Health and wellness is something that Annie Gaudreault lives and breathes every day. It’s taken her across the finish line in over 10 marathons and 3 Ironman competitions. It’s also led her to re-position the successful company she founded 9 years ago; shifting BRIO’s focus to where her heart truly lies.

By specializing in health and wellness companies, Annie can now draw on the branding and design skills developed over 25 years of working for Fortune 500 companies AND her love of healthy living. Ask about her power smoothie recipe!

As a wellness coach and student of holistic nutrition, Annie also leads wellness workshops for companies to help them improve employee health. A lover of great design, Annie has helped build the brands of companies in North America and Europe.

Before starting BRIO, she was the managing director of one of Canada’s leading branding and design agency, working in both Toronto and Boston.

With BRIO, Annie created a boutique firm that offers hands-on, senior talent only, big-agency thinking. Now she’s using her passion for health and wellness to make BRIO something truly unique.